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5 YouTube Mistakes to Avoid

Business can thrive on YouTube-IF-it’s done right!

1. Don’t overlook the importance of a YouTube Channel.  Have a main channel where you do something, music, how-to, comedy-something and not just a dumb looking channel make it look like you mean business.

2. Don’t think you’re not unique-you are-prove it.  Make your V-logging channel unique. Make it stand out from the others while being yourself at the same time.

3. Try humor or some hook to keep your viewers’ interest-don’t be boring, no one likes to be bored.

4. Don’t make your video too long.  Usually for most a 1 to 1.5 minute video works well.  YouTube will rank you according to the length of time each viewer stays put watching your masterpiece-long.  Use hyperlinks in your description to send your viewers to the money or destination page.

5. Do not keep uploading videos if nothing is happening instead find the reason for the lack of views?

It’s important to be yourself and be original that’s the key to success.  Henry Ford once said “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.”  Be different and don’t be afraid to find your video niche.
Don’t forget hyperlinks in the description.  So many people don’t put a link in the description.  It’s vital for ranking and vital for your viewers to be sent to the page where they can purchase, read or comment on.


Is Facebook Replacing YouTube?

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facebook-replacing youtubeOver the past few times we’ve been talking about YouTube and social media – specifically Facebook. Have you heard about Facebook’s new way of making sure users see videos most relevant to them?

In the past I mentioned doing short videos to rank high on Youtube and Google. I said that a short video will likely be watched in its entirety while a longer one will not. YouTube will score you according to viewer watch length in addition to other factors such as comments, likes etc. Continue reading Is Facebook Replacing YouTube?

A dating and business app all in one? Come on!

I just finished up work on some videos for an amazing new dating/business app for one of  my client companies. I thought you’d be interested in seeing this exciting video that was done in a unique and compelling manner.  I thought you’d be interested in seeing this exciting video that was done in a unique and  compelling manner.

I’m not a betting man but if I were, I’d bet that after watching this video it would stick in your mind like one of those songs that tend to play over and over in your mind so much that you’ll go to Google play or iTunes and download if on your smartphone.  To get it on your device search for FindNSeek (just as it appears-no spaces).    For more information on FindNSeek go to

Continue reading A dating and business app all in one? Come on!