The 10 Steps to First Page Rankings

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community10 Steps1. Create video with content people are actually looking for. Use the Google keyword search tool to learn what they are. Search for specific keywords.

2. Add keywords in your video script. This is the heart of video optimization. Yes, you need a video script, it will help Youtube to know what your video is all about and you will need it for another purpose later.

video3. Upload video, use video file name [xxxx.mp4]. While this is not a huge point it does help. It takes a few seconds to change as long while you’re uploading.

4. Create a proper title and description; 200-400 words best. Not only will your audience know what you’re video is all about so will Google and YouTube. It’s to your benefit and it’s vital. Make the keywords flow as part of the script. Don’t add them just anywhere they must make sense. Add your landing page, video URL and video channel URL.

5. Tags-don’t go overboard. Ten or so will do fine. Focus on a few important tags that you’ve already used in the description and the script. This helps to know what ranking position you will obtain. If your video is for local consumption add your location in advanced settings.

6. Upload transcript. This is the transcript you’ve already created. Your script now has become your transcript, it tells Google what your video is all about.

7. Build your channel.
a. Get real views. Spam views from Fiverr etc. won’t get you rankings and they may get you banned. Who knew?
b. Get real subscribers. Again Fiverr won’t help you out here.
c. Get real comments. Again Fiverr won’t help you out here.
d. Build backlinks. Build them gradually and not all at once then continue to build them.
e. Stay active. This tells Youtube that you are an authority and you’re real.
f. Create and use playlists. This takes a moment. Use keywords for categories and throw videos in there.

8. Get social indicator; encourage likes and shares
a. Facebook
b. Twitter
c. Pinterest
d. Google Plus

9. Backlinks and embeds are powerful. Don’t build too many too fast… stay away from spammy links-they will decrease your ranking or destroy them.

10. Local Add your location in advanced settings.
a. Article Marketing
b. Social Bookmarks
c. Wiki’sWeb 2.0’s
d. Slide (optional but effective)

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