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5 YouTube Mistakes to Avoid

Business can thrive on YouTube-IF-it’s done right!

1. Don’t overlook the importance of a YouTube Channel.  Have a main channel where you do something, music, how-to, comedy-something and not just a dumb looking channel make it look like you mean business.

2. Don’t think you’re not unique-you are-prove it.  Make your V-logging channel unique. Make it stand out from the others while being yourself at the same time.

3. Try humor or some hook to keep your viewers’ interest-don’t be boring, no one likes to be bored.

4. Don’t make your video too long.  Usually for most a 1 to 1.5 minute video works well.  YouTube will rank you according to the length of time each viewer stays put watching your masterpiece-long.  Use hyperlinks in your description to send your viewers to the money or destination page.

5. Do not keep uploading videos if nothing is happening instead find the reason for the lack of views?

It’s important to be yourself and be original that’s the key to success.  Henry Ford once said “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.”  Be different and don’t be afraid to find your video niche.
Don’t forget hyperlinks in the description.  So many people don’t put a link in the description.  It’s vital for ranking and vital for your viewers to be sent to the page where they can purchase, read or comment on.


How to YouTube Your Way to Success

One in the series of
“The Big Brand Theory”

Video article


Apple, Microsoft, Coke-A-Cola-all top brands that we know and trust,but what about your brand?

If you are a small business or an online entrepreneur your brand is just as important and can be marketed in the same way as the big brands.  Advertising your brand is now easier and above all, affordable. It’s all about YouTube videos and here’s why. The age group watching YouTube videos ranges from 19 to 54 years of age with more US adults ages 18-35 than any cable network and the ever growing huge  mobile market  makes up almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time This gives you the opportunity of your video streaming to hundreds of millions of devices.  Ultimately with proper optimization your video can be viewed 24/7 and get first page Google rankings.  But it won’t happen unless you create a video and optimize it in the required manner.

Here are some YouTube tips to get your video first page YouTube and Google rankings.

1Optimize your video title – Using keywords that best describe your product or service will gain more views and ultimately aid ranking.  If there is room add a phone number or a URL.

2. Write a 300 – 500 word description
.  A good description is like Continue reading How to YouTube Your Way to Success