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Is Facebook Replacing YouTube?

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facebook-replacing youtubeOver the past few times we’ve been talking about YouTube and social media – specifically Facebook. Have you heard about Facebook’s new way of making sure users see videos most relevant to them?

In the past I mentioned doing short videos to rank high on Youtube and Google. I said that a short video will likely be watched in its entirety while a longer one will not. YouTube will score you according to viewer watch length in addition to other factors such as comments, likes etc. Continue reading Is Facebook Replacing YouTube?

A dating and business app all in one? Come on!

I just finished up work on some videos for an amazing new dating/business app for one of  my client companies. I thought you’d be interested in seeing this exciting video that was done in a unique and compelling manner.  I thought you’d be interested in seeing this exciting video that was done in a unique and  compelling manner.

I’m not a betting man but if I were, I’d bet that after watching this video it would stick in your mind like one of those songs that tend to play over and over in your mind so much that you’ll go to Google play or iTunes and download if on your smartphone.  To get it on your device search for FindNSeek (just as it appears-no spaces).    For more information on FindNSeek go to http://findnseek.com/

Continue reading A dating and business app all in one? Come on!

The Secret to Success


At first video ads were expensive and reserved for businesses that could afford it.  This meant that they were left out.  This was before smartphone video craze – a trend that will grow as time moves forward.  Today small business has more than a fighting chance.

Small business owners who have jumped into the video commercial marketing arena are reporting increased sales. They have  proof that their video ads are being viewed anywhere, at any time and on any mobile device in addition to the standard placements.

Finally, success is easier than ever!  The playing field has been leveled.

Fortunately, a video and  transcend brand barriers-there is no product or service that won’t benefit from a video commercial.

However, as with everything else in life there are caveats-one being choosing the right company to produce your video. First things first-decide what type of video would be appropriate for your specific business needs.

When seeking a company to do your video, you must do your due diligence.  A spot check of YouTube videos will show that 98% of them are not well thought out and executed. Many have been created by rank amateurs.  Nothing can damage a business and its reputation more than a poorly done video.  Let’s explore some of the concepts that make up a good marketing video.

1.  What is the goal of the video.  Is it to gain new leads and sales, or is it meant to be Continue reading The Secret to Success

How to YouTube Your Way to Success

One in the series of
“The Big Brand Theory”

Video article


Apple, Microsoft, Coke-A-Cola-all top brands that we know and trust,but what about your brand?

If you are a small business or an online entrepreneur your brand is just as important and can be marketed in the same way as the big brands.  Advertising your brand is now easier and above all, affordable. It’s all about YouTube videos and here’s why. The age group watching YouTube videos ranges from 19 to 54 years of age with more US adults ages 18-35 than any cable network and the ever growing huge  mobile market  makes up almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time This gives you the opportunity of your video streaming to hundreds of millions of devices.  Ultimately with proper optimization your video can be viewed 24/7 and get first page Google rankings.  But it won’t happen unless you create a video and optimize it in the required manner.

Here are some YouTube tips to get your video first page YouTube and Google rankings.

1Optimize your video title – Using keywords that best describe your product or service will gain more views and ultimately aid ranking.  If there is room add a phone number or a URL.

2. Write a 300 – 500 word description
.  A good description is like Continue reading How to YouTube Your Way to Success