A dating and business app all in one? Come on!

I just finished up work on some videos for an amazing new dating/business app for one of  my client companies. I thought you’d be interested in seeing this exciting video that was done in a unique and compelling manner.  I thought you’d be interested in seeing this exciting video that was done in a unique and  compelling manner.

I’m not a betting man but if I were, I’d bet that after watching this video it would stick in your mind like one of those songs that tend to play over and over in your mind so much that you’ll go to Google play or iTunes and download if on your smartphone.  To get it on your device search for FindNSeek (just as it appears-no spaces).    For more information on FindNSeek go to http://findnseek.com/

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Where Americans go Online

People change and we know that they change according to cultural mores.  As we all have experienced, the internet and mobile devices-in a short period of time-have drastically shaped our lives. We no longer rely on a time regulated or rigid schedule to give us news, watch favorite programs or engage in social media.   We’ve escaped the chains that bound us in favor of time shifting.  Mobile devices have allowed us the freedom to watch what we want to watch, when we want to watch it.  This shift is more pronounced within the age groups of 17 to 28 who report that they hardly ever watch TV.  Of course this trend will reach older demographics soon as well.

The following chart will bring you up to date.The advent of mobile devices has given us more freedom to manage our time. Video has become the epicenter that allows such freedom. But what about the other venues such as email, blogs, etc. Where do they stand in relation to video?
Video marketing on the rise
Note the video increase in just one year and compare it to ‘search, ‘online games‘ and even ‘email‘.  This can be an eye opening moment for many.  It’s logical to assume, then, that the medium of choice in the future will be video. Are you ready for this? Is your business poised to take advantage of this trend?  What are your plans for more leads and sales?

Small Business YouTube Video Ad

Residential Cleaning Company – San Francisco

Video ads are now well within the financial reach of most small businesses.  This Christmas parody story was produced for a small residential and commercial cleaning client in the San Francisco, CA market.  The goal was to make this business stand out without using an “in your face” approach.   We attempted to add interest by creating a story.  Out of that thought was born a parody.  It includes the following components: Video clips, stills, background music and voice overs. View it and leave a comment.

The Secret to Success


At first video ads were expensive and reserved for businesses that could afford it.  This meant that they were left out.  This was before smartphone video craze – a trend that will grow as time moves forward.  Today small business has more than a fighting chance.

Small business owners who have jumped into the video commercial marketing arena are reporting increased sales. They have  proof that their video ads are being viewed anywhere, at any time and on any mobile device in addition to the standard placements.

Finally, success is easier than ever!  The playing field has been leveled.

Fortunately, a video and  transcend brand barriers-there is no product or service that won’t benefit from a video commercial.

However, as with everything else in life there are caveats-one being choosing the right company to produce your video. First things first-decide what type of video would be appropriate for your specific business needs.

When seeking a company to do your video, you must do your due diligence.  A spot check of YouTube videos will show that 98% of them are not well thought out and executed. Many have been created by rank amateurs.  Nothing can damage a business and its reputation more than a poorly done video.  Let’s explore some of the concepts that make up a good marketing video.

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