How to Blend an iPhone…in a Blender

Do you own an iPhone?   Would you consider blending it in a blender?
I’m sure you wouldn’t do that, right? Me either.


Did you know that an iPhone blends pretty well?

I’ve seen it and there’s the proof…

The blender story…

There is a small company that wanted to boost lack-luster blender sales. It didn’t have a great name. After all how can a small company compete with Hamilton-Beach, Oster, Waring and Ninja – there’s a million of them?

The answer… With a viral video – of course.

But how can a viral video increase blender sales?  By blending an iPhone, how else?

So they started a video campaign with one video called “Will it Blend” – about 8 years ago. Since then that video was such a hit that blender sales went out of sight.

They went on to create a full blown marketing push under the title of “Will it Blend.” They then went on to Facebook with the “Will it Blend Contest.” It was genius and the small company made it into the big time and continues to propel ongoing sales.

As you can see, a video is a widely effective form of marketing. Once thought of as an entertainment source videos have become a valuable resource for conducting research on any topic imaginable.

But how does this apply to you? In case you didn’t know, YouTube, in reality, is a video search engine. If you want your gem to go viral you need to make sure that you…

  • Make it exceptional

  • Make it funny

  • Make it memorable

There are other options for your videos to go viral. For example, information, tutorials, educational, reviews and inspirational videos; are all great possibilities. It’s best to match up your product or service to the category that will work best for your product-or use a totally off the wall concept like the blender company. Thinking out of the box may be just the thing-stranger things happen.

Just in case, here are more basics…

Definitely use targeted keywords and phrases in your video title. This is the real link to you and your potential viral viewer. It may require some due diligence on your part but will be well worth the effort in the long run. Then make certain that you start your video description with your URL-it’s the first thing your viewers will see-and the after watching the video the next thing they will click on. The call to action is the big thing.

Make them feel wanted

Encourage comments. Users love to read comments to gain further insight into the video itself. Try to reply and encourage them by making conversation with your visitors so they revisit. Once you’re noted for replying the more likely they will ask questions about your video product.

More people-longer life.
Lots of subscribers provide a better opportunity of going viral. Subscribers tend to share and extend audience reach. This is a domino effect. It’s the first step in viral videos. Keep in mind that subscribers have an interest in the videos you post. The more likes you get the more likely someone is to watch it when the click on your channel page.


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