Affordable Small Business Video Marketing

YouTube videoYou’re not alone. We understand that you have competitors and you need to stand out from the crowd. A normal video wouldn’t work. Actually anyone can create a normal video but not everyone can create for you what we can, an unforgettable story. As the story is drawn out with pen in hand your new customer is hypnotized watching the story unfold. He is taken in and remembers what he has seen and heard. Psychiatrists tell us that people retain 60% of what they see and 40% of what they hear-your new video will have a 100% retention factor. Complex stuff is now easy for your prospects to understand.

We don’t just create a video. We create a whole new YouTube channel we like to call your money page. It acts as the springboard to increase sales through high Google rankings. We also upload your new video to 30 other video sharing sites throughout the Internet.

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